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Development Services Inc., was formed to provide construction and developmentally based feasibility studies for RV and Self-Storage Facilities.    With 25 years in the construction and development industry, specializing in commercial construction Development Services Inc., provides an indepth review of a projects feasibility in terms of developmentally (zoning and entitlement) and physically (will the site work for it's intended use).

The project management services provided on a select basis include forward planning, due diligence and general contractor selection services.    We work hand in hand with you during the forward planning of your project and assist in selection of your architect, engineers and finally assist in putting the project out for bid to select general contractors.

During construction we will complete site visits as requested in order to ascertain if the projects are being completed in accordance with the owners plans and specifications.    If requested, we will be able to review the financial draws requested by your contractor and review draws to make sure you project is lien free at the end of construction.


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