Feasibility Basics

There are three integral conclusions to a viable feasibility study, these are:




The feasibility study and market analysis considers industry trends, defines the subject trade area, measures conditions of supply, forecasts demand and projects a lease-up period and the income produced during this time and at project stabilization. The subject's competitive position in the market is measured and conclusions with recommendations are made.

Feasibility Inclusions

In general our feasibility studies include the following items:

Industry Trends Report

Site Information and aerial photos if available

Preliminary Site Plans (provided by client or contracted for as an alternate addition to the feasibility study)

Future Facility Improvements

Promotion and Marketing Analysis

Rental Competition Report and Analysis including photographs

Demographic Analysis

Planning and Construction Activity Report

Supply and Demand Analysis

Market Equilibrium Report and Absorption Analysis

Proforma and Financial Analysis

Conclusions and Recommendations


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